Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Dookie-Poo Vinyl Figure stands approximately 4-inches tall - and is designed by Manny Galan and produced by Chaotic Unicorn and ESC Toy

Image shown here is of the Regular Dookie-Poo Vinyl Figure. As of this post, 3 other limited editions have been released: SLEEPY-POO (Chaotic Unicorn Exclusive), ZOMBIE-POO (ESC Toy Exclusive) and BLANK DIY Dookie-Poo (Chaotic Unicorn Exclusive).

Dookie-Poo Vinyl coverage on Toysrevil's I Like Toys.

Currently distributed by DKE Toys - check out your nearest store for availability. Or you can order directly via Chaotic Unicorn.

The other colorways shown below [NYCC-2008 image via Plastic&Plush] are as yet to be released. but are apart of the prizes for the 2008 Dookie-Poo Paper Jam Contest!

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