Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"Have you ever wanted to be a part of a toy line? Tired of hoping for an accessory or vehicle that never comes out?

With the success of the Dookie-Poo Vinyl Enhancement Paper Model Kits created circa New York Comic-Con, the concept is to seek contributions from YOU folks - of an original diorama creation, props and/or clothing - that adds to or enhances the world of DOOKIE-POO VINYL or is DOOKIE-POO-THEMED. It could be a giant Robot for Dookie to pilot or control, could be a UPS TRUCK in his scale, could be a funky sofa or a functional play ground! Whatever you want!

The idea/concept for this Paper Jam is to eventually evolve into a continuous experiment where the world is invited to continue finding ways to make the Dookie-poo vinyl toy line fun or inventive and share their ideas with the community.

This dedicated-blog will serve as an online depository of Dookie-Poo Vinyl Enhancement Paper Model Kits - that is FREE for anyone to download and make into paper toys - for use with all Dookie-Poo Series 1 Vinyl Figures

Do feel free to email me at toysrevil [at] yahoo [dot] com or toysrevil [at] gmail [dot] com.


All Dookie-Poo and Choroco Tofu characters, names and likeness are Copyright and Trademarked by Manny Galan - creator of Dookie-Poo [www.dookie-poo.com]
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